viernes, 5 de junio de 2009


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Al fin chabon!!! ya me tenias preocupado!!!

muy bueno la verdad !!!

pasate por el mio que kizas veas algo q no viste antes!!!!

mañane le recuerdo a P. Bello q suba este dibujin nuevo a tinta berreta!!

BYE, nos vemos!!!!!!

Chris Harrison dijo...

WOOOOOOOW!!!!! I thinks this Illustration is easily one of my favorites from your work. The coloring on the armor is excellent! it feels like real metallic armor. Full Metal Alchemist would be proud!

Chris Harrison dijo...

That background is realy exciting to look at too! The colors works well with the main characters since his color scheme is mostly gray and mono-chromatic. Again great work on this!